Romania - Libraries and museums

In 2002, the National Library, in Bucharest, held over 8.8 million volumes. In 1997, the country had over 2,950 public libraries holding a total collection of 50.5 million volumes. The largest of the latter are the university libraries at Bucharest, Iasi, and Cluj-Napoca, holding 1.4, 3.0, and 3.6 million volumes, respectively.

Romania has some 400 museums. Bucharest is home to many of the most important museums, including the National History Museum of Romania, the National Museum of Art, and the newer Historical Museum of Bucharest (founded in 1984) and Cotroceni National Museum (1991), featuring Romanian fine art, architecture, and decorative art.

Also in the capital are the Cecilia and Frederick Storck Museum, highlighting the works of Karl Storck, a great Romanian sculptor, and his family, also prominent artists; the Curteo Veche Museum, featuring archaeological exhibits and housed in a 15th-century palace; and the Museum of Romanian Literature.

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