Romania - Customs and duties

Romania joined the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) in December 1992 and signed an association agreement with the European Union early in 1993, which provided for Romania to adapt to EU economic-commercial standards over a 10-year period. Under an interim collaborative agreement effective 1 May 1993, a revised Romanian import tariff schedule was introduced with preferential tariffs for imports from EU and EFTA member nations. Customs duties range from 0% to 60%, with a weighted average of 11.7%. Duties are higher for cigarettes (60%) and audio and video equipment (42%). Tariff rates are on an ad valorem basis. There is also a value-added tax (VAT) of 19% levied on almost all goods.

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I'm going to the Peace Corps in Romania. I take a therapy to prevent heart problems (which I have reversed). I will need two amino acids and Ester C sent to me from the U.S. I can have it sent each month, or every 6 months. Will the tariff be very high on this? Aproximate value: $38.38 for a month's supply.

Thank you for your help.
I need the custom tax and other charges to import Wheat flour from Turkey to Romania
I am interested in information according to duties for chocolate products. We are polish company produces chocolate sweets and we are planning to send our goods to Romania.
Could you help, please.
H.S. Code 4303 1009 we want to know this item import duty of Romania & did they need special import documents? Thanks
Usman Gull
I am planning to bring rice, wheat and spices products in Romania from Pakistan in Bulk quantities. Please could you provide me information about custom taxes and other important charges on these products. Thanks

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