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The government-run social security system provides old-age, disability, sickness, and unemployment benefits, family allowances, and health and medical care. The system is funded by payroll contributions from employers and employees. The government subsidizes social pensions for those persons not employed. Retirement is set at age 50 for miners, age 55 for fishermen and seamen, and age 65 for other professions. Medical benefits are provided to all residents, and cash sickness and maternity benefits are provided to employees. Maternity benefits of 100% of earnings and benefits are paid for 120 days for all employed persons. Paternity and adoption benefits are also available. There is a income based family allowance, a special education allowance, and a funeral grant.

Women have full rights and protections under both the constitution and civil code. According to law, women must receive equal pay for equal work. In practice, however, a salary gap still exists between men and women. Spousal abuse and other violence against women are widespread problems and remain underreported. Sexual harassment in the workplace is considered a crime, but only if committed by a superior.

Immigrants from Portugal's former African colonies face social prejudice and discrimination. There were reports in of right-wing groups carrying out racially motivated attacks against immigrants and other non-ethnic Portuguese.

Human rights are generally respected in Portugal. Prison conditions are poor, but the government is engaging in dialogue with human rights organizations on this and other issues.

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Apr 30, 2017 @ 7:19 pm
Portugal labor market does not absorb the majority of University graduates into jobs that match their education. Many end up unemployed, or working at temporary, underpaid jobs, in shops and fast-food chains.

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