Norway - Forestry

Norway's forestland totals 8,868,000 ha (21,913,000 acres), of which over 80% is owned by individuals, 9% by the state, and 7% by local governments; the remainder is held by institutions, companies, and cooperatives.

The state subsidizes silviculture and the building of forest roads. In 2001, removals amounted to 8,379,000 cu m (295.8 million cu ft), of which 91% was coniferous industrial wood and 8% was fuel wood. Sawn wood production in 2000 totaled 2,463,000 cu m (86.9 million cu ft); wood pulp, 2,520,000 tons; and paper and paperboard, 2,301,000 cu m (81 million cu ft). The value of roundwood exported was $20.5 million in 2000, when Norway's trade surplus in forest products amounted to $804.7 million. The Norwegian Forest Research Institute has centers near Oslo and Bergen.

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