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The tourist industry dominates Monaco's economic life, but small-scale industries produce a variety of items for domestic use and for export, contributing 11.6% of business turnover in the mid-1990s. Most industrial plants are located on Fontvieille. About 700 small businesses make pottery and glass objects, paper and cards, jewelry, perfumes, dolls, precision instruments, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, machine tools, watches, leather items, and radio parts. There are flour mills, dairies, and chocolate and candy plants, as well as textile mills and a small shipyard. The chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries consisted of 23 companies with 1,000 employees that generated approximately 45% of the total industrial turnover in the 1990s. Due to territorial constraints, Monaco's industries are forced to expand their facilities upward; some industrial buildings rise as high as 13 stories. A new construction project begun in 2001 was extending the pier used by cruise ships in the main harbor.

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