Malta - Libraries and museums

The National Library of Malta (founded in 1555) is located in Valetta and held 380,000 volumes in 2002. The University of Malta Library (1769) is in Msidaan and contains over 700,000 volumes. The largest public library is the Central Public Library in Beltissebh with 362,000 volumes. There are over 50 school libraries throughout Malta. In 2001, Malta counted 21 total museums. Valletta is the site of the National Museum, with an archaeological collection, the Palace Armory, and the St. John's Museum. The Folk Museum and the Museum of Political History are at Vittoriosa, where a maritime museum also opened in 1992. There is an archeological museum located in a copper age temple in Mgarr and a museum of Zomon antiquities in Rabat.

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