Macedonia - Transportation

A railway connects Skopje with Serbia to the north and the Greek port of Salonika to the south. In 2002, rail trackage totaled 699 km (434 mi) of standard gauge track, of which 233 km (144 mi) were electrified. Also in 2002, a 56 km (35 mi) extension of the Kumanovo-Beljakovce line to the Bulgarian border at Gyueschevo was under construction. In 2001, there were 8,684 km (5,396 mi) of highways, of which 5,540 km (3,442 mi) were paved, including 133 km (83 mi) of expressways.

There were 17 airports in 2001, including 10 with paved runways. In 2001, 315,500 passengers were carried on scheduled domestic and international flights.

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