Macedonia - Political parties

Following the 2002 elections, party representation in the Sobranje (Assembly) was as follows: the Together for Macedonia coalition (composed of 10 parties led by the Social Democratic League of Macedonia and the Liberal Democratic Party (SDSMLDP), 40.5% (59 seats); Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian Unity (VMRODMPNE), 24.4% (34 seats); Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), 11.9% (16 seats); Democratic Party of Albanians (PDS),5.2% (7 seats); Democratic Prosperity Party (PDP), 2.3% (2 seats); National-Democratic Party (NDP), 2.1% (1 seat); and the Socialist Party of Macedonia (SPM), 2.1% (1 seat). The DUI, PDS, PDP, and NDP are ethnic Albanian parties. The last presidential election was held in 1999 and VMRO-DMPNE candidate Boris Trajkovski won a majority in the second round over his main opponent, Social-Democrat Tito Petkovski.

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