Macedonia - Animal husbandry

Meadows and pastures accounted for about 25% of the total land area. Livestock in 2001 consisted of 1,251,000 sheep, 265,000 head of cattle, 204,000 pigs, and 3,350,000 chickens. Cattle numbers have increased slightly since 1992 due mainly to the increase in cows. About 50% of cattle are for the dairy sector. There are about 30 state farms with 250–1,200 cows in the Skopje and Bitola areas. Over 90% of cattle, however, are in private hands, with most farmers rarely having more than three cows because of limited land. Cow milk accounts for 74% of milk production; sheep milk, 26%. The rapidly growing goat sector is also contributing to increasing milk production. The raising of goats was prohibited during the socialist era in order to protect forestry resources. Production in 2001 included (in tons): mutton, 5,900; beef, 9,000; poultry, 12,000; and milk, 200,000.

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