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Picturesque Luxembourg, with approximately 130 castles, has long been a tourist attraction. Among the points of greatest attraction are Vianden; Clervaux, with its castle of the De Lannoi family, forebears of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; the famous abbey of Clervaux; Echternach, an ancient religious center; the Moselle region; and the fortifications of the capital. Popular sports for both residents and visitors include swimming, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and golf. More than 5,000 American soldiers are buried at the American Military Cemetery near the capital, including Gen. George S. Patton.

Most visitors from Western Europe and the US require a passport, but no visas are necessary for stays of less than three months. There are no restrictions on foreign currency exchanges by visitors.

In 2000, there were about 807,000 visitor arrivals. The country had about 7,708 hotel rooms. The average cost of staying in Luxembourg, according to 2002 US government estimates, was $186 per day.

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