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The capital city of Vilnius has one of the largest historic districts in Eastern Europe, distinguished primarily by its Baroque churches, many of which have been reclaimed since independence by money and missionaries from abroad. Kaunas, Lithuania's second-largest city, offers the tourist old merchants' buildings and museums, and the seaside resort towns are active in the summer.

There is a shortage of quality hotels, although some have been restored with foreign investment. The traveler can participate in tennis, fishing, sailing, rowing, and winter sports. Lithuanians have long distinguished themselves at basketball, and have contributed top players to the Soviet teams. Seven Lithuanians have Olympic gold medals, and the national basketball team won a bronze medal in Barcelona in 1992.

Besides valid passports, all visitors need visas, except nationals of the UK, Hungary, Poland, and Denmark.

In 2000, an estimated 4,092,000 visitors arrived in Lithuania and tourism receipts totaled $391 million. That year there were 6,632 hotel rooms with 12,897 beds and a 28% occupancy rate.

In 2002 the US government estimated the cost of staying in Vilnius was $185 per day.

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