Lithuania - Forestry

Forests covered about 32% of Lithuania in 2000. The forestry, wood products, and paper industries are some of Lithuania's oldest—furniture, matches, and timber products were manufactured in Kaunas and Vilnius in the mid-1800s, and furniture-making prevailed from 1919–40. Currently, chemical timber processing, and the production of furniture, pulp, paper, wood fiber, wood chips, joinery articles, and cardboard, are the main activities of the forestry sector. Intensive timber processing, as well as the recycling of industrial waste are being expanded. The timber cut yielded nearly 5.3 million cu m (187 million cu ft) of roundwood in 2000. Sawn wood production that year was 1,300,000 cu m (46 million cu ft); paper and paperboard, 53,000 cu m (1.87 million cu ft). Exports of forest products amounted to $200.9 million in 2000.

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