Liechtenstein - Famous liechtensteiners

Joseph Rheinberger (1839–1901), an organist and composer who lived in Munich, was the teacher of many famous composers. Prince John II (r. 1858–1929) was admired for donating some SwFr 75 million to the struggling country after World War I. Prince Franz Josef II (1906–89), whose rule began in 1938, was Europe's longest-reigning sovereign. Liechtenstein's current monarch is Prince Hans Adam II (b. 1945), who first was given executive power in 1984 and assumed control in 1989. His brother, Prince Philipp (b. 1947), serves as chairman of Liechtenstein Global Trust, the country's main banking institution. Prince Alois (b. 1968) is the heir apparent.

In 1980, Hanni Wenzel (b. 1956) and her brother Andreas (b.1958) won the World Cup international skiing championships.

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