Italy - Animal husbandry

Some 4,350,000 ha (10,749,000 acres) are meadows and pastures. Both a growing need for fodder and insufficient domestic production compel Italy to import large amounts of corn. In 2001, the country had 7,211,000 head of cattle, 8,329,000 hogs, 11,089,000 sheep, 1,375,000 goats, 285,000 horses, and an estimated 100 million chickens. That year, total meat production from hogs, cattle, sheep, and goats was 4,141,000 tons. Of the meat produced, 36% was pork, 27% was beef, 27% was poultry, 1% was mutton, and 9% was from other sources. Meat production falls short of domestic requirements, and about half of all meat consumed must be imported. Although Italy produced 11.3 million tons of cow milk in 2001, dairy farming remains comparatively undeveloped. Both dairy and beef cattle are raised mainly in the north.

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