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Hungary has 22 regional trade and professional associations, Also, there are 7,532 industrial, agricultural, and foreign trade organizations in the country. A chamber of commerce located in the capital promotes Hungary's goods and services in world markets.

The Act on Cooperatives, passed 6 January 1992, allows members of cooperatives to profit from their actions within cooperatives. As of 1992, the largest cooperatives in Hungary were: general consumer and seller cooperatives (AFESZ) with over one million members. Trade and professional associations exist representing a variety of occupations, including the steel and automotive workers, journalists, teachers, librarians, engineers, architects, and various medical professionals. Organizations promoting research and study of various medical and scientific fields also exist. Some of these are member organizations of the Federation of Hungarian Medical Societies and/or the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The multinational scientific organization of the International Measurement Confederation is based in Budapest.

Notable national youth organizations include the Federation of Young Democrats of Hungary, the Goncol Environmental Youth Alliance, the National Union of Hungarian Students, and Young Musicians of Hungary. The Hungarian Scout Association is also active, as are various chapters of the YMCA/YWCA. National women's organizations include the Association of Hungarian Women and the National Council of Hungarian Women. The Red Cross has active chapters in the country.

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