Greece - Animal husbandry

In 2001 there were 9,269,000 sheep, 5,180,000 goats, 936,000 hogs, 579,000 head of cattle, 72,000 donkeys, 33,000 horses, 40,000 mules, and 28,000,000 chickens. Although production of milk, meat, and cheese has risen greatly since the end of World War II (1939–45), Greece still must import substantial quantities of evaporated and condensed milk, cheese, cattle, sheep, hides, and meat. Estimated meat production in 2001 included 142,000 tons of poultry, 137,000 tons of pork, 122,000 tons of mutton and goat meat, and 60,000 tons of beef and veal. Livestock products in 2001 included (in thousands of tons) cow's milk, 815; sheep milk, 670; goat milk, 435; cheese, 240; eggs, 106; honey, 14; and butter, three. Recent modernization in machinery has especially helped poultry and hog operations. Exports of dairy and egg products were valued at $111.6 million in 2001 (mostly going to EU nations).

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