Georgia - Animal husbandry

Meadows and pastures account for about 30% of the Georgian land area. In 2001, the livestock population included cattle, 1,118,000; sheep, 547,000; pigs, 443,000; buffaloes, 35,000; horses, 39,000; and chickens, 8,600,000. Beef production in 2001 totaled some 47,000 tons; pork, 35,000 tons; and chicken, 13,000 tons. About 710,000 tons of milk were produced in 2001, as were 21,900 tons of eggs.

In mid-1993, a ban was placed on the export of dairy products (including milk), cattle and poultry, meat and meat products, and leather. Georgia does not produce enough meat and dairy products to satisfy domestic demand. Meat imports in 2001 amounted to $14 million.

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