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The Confédération Générale d'Agriculture, originating in its present form in the resistance movement of World War II, has become the principal voice for farmers. The Société des Agriculteurs de France is considered the organization of landowners. Agricultural cooperatives, both producers' and consumers', are popular. There are also more than 44 large industrial trade organizations. Chambers of commerce function in the larger cities and towns. The International Chamber of Commerce has its headquarters in Paris, the national capital.

The Institute of France (founded in 1795) consists of five academies, including the famous French Academy (Académie Française). There are many scientific, artistic, technical, and scholarly societies and sports groups. The multinational organization of European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities is based in Paris. There are also many associations and organizations dedicated to various sports and leisure time activities. Youth organizations are numerous and range from sports groups, to volunteer and service organizations, religious and political organizations, and international scouting organizations.

The Red Cross and Greenpeace have national chapters.

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