France - Animal husbandry

In 2001, farm animals included 20.5 million head of cattle, 15.4 million swine, 10.7 million sheep and goats, and 343,000 horses. Poultry and rabbits are raised in large numbers, both for farm families and for city markets. Percheron draft horses are raised in northern France, range cattle in the central highlands and the flatlands west of the Rhône, and goats and sheep in the hills of the south. Meat production in 2001 included 1,566,000 tons of beef and veal, 2,315,000 tons of pork, 2,215,000 tons of poultry, and 134,000 tons of mutton. Exports of meat were valued at $8.3 billion in 2001.

Dairy farming flourishes in the rich grasslands of Normandy. Total cows' milk production in 2001 was 24,903,000 tons. France produces some 300 kinds of cheese; in 2001, production totaled about 1,770,000 tons. Butter and egg production were 449,000 and 1,016,000 tons, respectively. Dairy and egg exports generated $3.6 billion in 2001.

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