Finland - Libraries and museums

The largest library in Finland is the Helsinki University Library, with 2.6 million volumes in 2002; it acts both as the general library of the university and as the national library. Next in size are the Helsinki City Library (1.76 million volumes) and the libraries at Turku University (1.9 million) and Åbo Academy (1.7 million). There are about 400 research and university libraries in Finland, most of which are small. In 1997 there were 436 central public libraries and 1,202 branch libraries.

The number of museums has grown rapidly since World WarII. There are over 200 museums and 19,100 monuments and historic sites throughout the country. Many museums are open-air, depicting local or rural history, which are accessible only from May to September. Among the better-known museums are the National, Mannerheim, and Municipal museums and the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki; the Turku Art Museum and Provincial Museum; the Runeberg Museum at Porvoo; and the outdoor museums at Helsinki and Turku.

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