Finland - Animal husbandry

Livestock production contributes about 70% of total agricultural income. Livestock in 2001 included cattle, 1,037,000 head; hogs, 1,261,000; sheep, 96,000; and horses, 59,000. There were 5,400,000 poultry that same year. Some 350,000 reindeer are used by the Lapps as draft animals and for meat.

In recent years, Finland has attained exportable surpluses in some dairy and meat products. Estimated production in 2001 included pork, 176,000 tons; beef, 90,000 tons; eggs, 56,500 tons; butter, 53,800 tons; and cheese, 97,800 tons. Milk production in 2001 was estimated at 2,456,000 tons.

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