Estonia - Libraries and museums

The National Library of Estonia in Tallinn, founded in 1918, contains three million volumes. Other important libraries located in Tallinn include the Estonian Technical Library, (11.8 million volumes) and the Estonian Academic Library (2.2 million). The Tartu State University Library is the largest academic library with3.7 million volumes. The public library system has 602 administrative units and holds in total 10.6 million volumes, as of 1997, and claims 407,000 registered users.

The Estonian History Museum in Tallinn was established in1864. It contains 230,000 exhibits that follow the history of the region's people from ancient times to the present. The Estonian National Museum in Tartu, established in 1909, features exhibits about the living conditions of Estonians. Also in Tallinn is the Art Museum of Estonia, the Estonian Open Air Museum, the Estonian Theater and Music Museum, and the Tallinn City Museum. Tartu University houses a Museum of Classical Antiquities.

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