Estonia - Foreign trade

During the Soviet era, Estonia's foreign trade was characterized by large net imports, 80–85% of which came from other Soviet republics, the destination of 95% of Estonian exports. Beginning in 1992, the value of exports began to surpass that of imports, and the share of trade with other former Soviet republics diminished. In 2000, Estonia's exports totaled $3.8 billion, 69% of which went to EU nations.

The most important export industry in Estonia is electronics(24.5%). Cork, wood, and their manufactures account for the second-largest consolidated group of commodity exports(11.9%). Other important exports include apparel (5.3%), textiles (4.4%), and furniture (3.8%).

In 2000 Estonia's imports were distributed among the following categories:


Consumer goods 12.7%
Food 8.9%
Fuels 7.2%
Industrial supplies 31.0%
Machinery 31.5%
Transportation 8.5%
Other 0.2%

Principal trading partners in 2000 (in millions of US dollars) were as follows:


Finland 1,033 1,205 -172
Sweden 663 439 224
Germany 294 446 -152
Latvia 275 123 152
Russia 260 713 -453
Netherlands 168 104 64
United Kingdom 150 110 40
Lithuania 120 74 46
Denmark 111 111 0
United States 70 121 -51
Ukraine 69 46 23
Japan 13 281 -268

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