Czech Republic - Armed forces

The Czech Republic had 49,450 active personnel in 2002. The army numbered 36,370 with 622 main battle tanks. The air force of 11,300 was divided into two organizations, Tactical Air Force and Air Defense. Paramilitary consisted of 4,000 border guards and 1,600 internal security forces. The Czech Republic provided suport to UN and Peacekeeping missions in six regions around the world. Military spending in 2001 amounted to $1.2 billion or 2.1% of GDP The Košice Agreement of 1945 provided for military organization, equipment, and training to be modeled after those of the former USSR. Czechoslovakia was a signatory to the Warsaw Pact of 14 May 1955, which provided for military cooperation with the USSR and other Soviet-bloc countries and for a joint command with headquarters in Moscow. Soviet forces of 80,000 remained stationed in Czechoslovakia until 1991.

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