Bulgaria - Ethnic groups

In 1998, Bulgarians accounted for an estimated 84% of the total population. The Turks, who constituted about 10% of the total, are settled mainly in the southern Dobrudja and in the eastern Rhodope Mountains. Between December 1984 and March 1985, the government compelled ethnic Turks and Pomaks (Bulgarian Muslims) to abandon their Turkish and Muslim names and to adopt Bulgarian and Christian ones. This action was reversed in 1990. Other groups make up the remaining 6% of the populace. The number of Gypsies is estimated at 450,000–700,000 and the number of Pomaks, 150,000–300,000. Macedonians live mainly in the Pirin region of southwestern Bulgaria. Romanian-speaking Vlachs live in the towns and countryside of northwestern Bulgaria. Greek-speaking Karakatchans are nomadic mountain shepherds of Romanian origin. The Gagauzi of northeastern Bulgaria are a Turkish-speaking group of Christian Orthodox religion. Bulgaria's cities have small minorities of Russians, Jews, Armenians, Tatars, and Greeks.

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