Bosnia and Herzegovina - Foreign trade

Due to the UN trade embargo, international trade with Bosnia and Herzegovina was limited during the civil war. In 2000, exports amounted to nearly $1 billion, up from less than $400 million in 1998. This upswing in export revenues was led by clothing, furniture, and leather goods. Exports went mainly to Italy, Yugoslavia, and Switzerland. Imports in 2000 totaled $3.6 billion, with Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia supplying 21%, 16%, and 14% of the total value, respectively.

Before the war, manufactured goods accounted for 31% of exports; machinery and transport equipment, 20.8%; raw materials, 18%; other manufactured products, 17.3%; chemicals, 9.4%; fuel and lubricants, 1.2%; and food and live animals, 1.2%. Fuels and lubricants made up 32% of annual imports before the war; machinery and transport equipment, 23.3%; other manufactured items, 21.3%; chemicals, 10%; raw materials, 6.7%; food and live animals, 5.5%; and beverages and tobacco, 1.9%.

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