Bosnia and Herzegovina - Animal husbandry

There are some 1.2 million hectares (three million acres) of permanent pastureland, representing about 23.5% of the total land area. Because of the breakup of the Yugoslav SFR and subsequent civil war, the livestock population fell significantly during the 1990s, as shown in the following summary of 1999 livestock inventory (in 1,000s): sheep, 285 (down from 1,319 in 1990); cattle, 350 (down from 874 in 1990); pigs, 80 (down from 614 in 1990); horses, 50 (down from 100 in 1990); and chickens, 4,000 (down from 9,000 in 1990).

Production of meat fell from 158,000 tons in 1990 to about 100,000 tons in 1993 to 24,000 tons in 1999. In 1999, milk production was 210,000 tons; egg production was 8,000 tons during that time, down from 17,000 tons in 1993.

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