Belgium - Forestry

Forests cover 21% of the area of Belgium. Commercial production of timber is limited; industrial roundwood and sawn wood production in 2000 were estimated at 2.78 million cu m (98 million cu ft) and 1.06 million cu m (37 million cu ft), respectively. Most common trees are beech and oak, but considerable plantings of conifers have been made in recent years. Belgium serves as a large transhipment center for temperate hardwood logs, softwood lumber, and softwood plywood. Large quantities of timber for the woodworking industry are typically imported from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The total value of exports of forest products in 2000 was $3.57 billion, with imports of $4.31 billion. Belgium's wood processing industry consists of over 2,000 enterprises, over half of which are furniture manufacturers.

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