Belarus - Animal husbandry

About 15% of the total land area is devoted to pastureland. In 1999, there were some 4,515,000 cattle, 3,608,000 pigs, 122,000 sheep, and 39 million chickens. Of the 652,000 tons of meat produced in 1999, beef and veal accounted for 40%; poultry, 11%; pork, 48%, and other meats, 1%. Belarus produces more dairy products than any other former Soviet republic except Russia, with 1.9 million tons of milk, 73,000 tons of butter and ghee, and 59,000 tons of cheese produced in 1999. That year, egg production amounted to 188,000 tons; honey, 3,000 tons.

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Apr 16, 2008 @ 10:10 am
This is awsome info i needed it for my project on belarus...thanks if you have anymore good links could you send them too me. my peroject is on belarus and it's farming.
thanks hailey

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