Austria - Animal husbandry

Dairy and livestock breeding, traditionally the major agricultural activities, account for about three-fifths of gross agricultural income.

Milk, butter, cheese, and meat are excellent, and Austria is self-sufficient in dairy products and in most meats. In 1999, livestock included 3,810,000 hogs, 2,172,000 head of cattle, 384,000 sheep, 74,000 horses, and 14 million poultry. Meat and poultry production in 1999 totaled 821,000 tons. During 1999, Austrian dairy farms produced 3,256,000 tons of milk, 135,000 tons of cheese, and 42,000 tons of butter. In 1999, some 99,000 tons of eggs were produced, which satisfied over 90% of domestic demand. By specializing in quality strains of cattle, hogs, and horses, Austrian breeders have gained wide international recognition. In 2001, exports of beef and veal were valued at almost $86 million; and milk products, $129 million.

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