Armenia - Transportation

As of 2002, there were 825 km (513 mi) of 1-meter-gauge railroad, not including industrial lines. An estimated 779 km (484 mi) are electrified. Supplies that arrive from Turkey by rail must be reloaded, due to a difference in rail gauges. Goods that cross Georgia or Azerbaijan are subject to travel delay from strikes and blockages and may be interdicted.

The highway system includes 11,300 km (7,022 mi) of roads, of which 10,500 km (6,525 mi) are surfaced; four-lane highways connect the major cities.

There were 12 airports in 2001, 7 of which had paved runways. The Zvartnots airport at Yerevan is fairly well maintained and receives scheduled flights from Moscow, Paris, New York, London, Amsterdam, Athens, Beirut, Dubai (UAE), Frankfurt, Istanbul, Prague, Tehran, Vienna, Zurich, and Sofia. In 2001, 369,200 passengers were carried on scheduled domestic and international flights.

Cargo shipments to landlocked Armenia are routed through ports in Georgia and Turkey.

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