Armenia - Animal husbandry

Over one-fifth of the total land area is permanent pastureland. In 1999, the livestock population included: sheep, 575,000; cattle, 512,000; pigs, 57,000; goats, 13,000; and horses, 12,000. There were also some three million chickens. In 1999, some 51,000 tons of meat were produced, including 35,000 tons of beef and veal, 5,000 tons of mutton and lamb, 5,000 tons of poultry, and 6,000 tons of pork. In 1999, 452,000 tons of milk, 18,000 tons of eggs, 10,000 tons of cheese, and 1,000 tons of greasy wool were also produced. Meat, milk, and butter are the chief agricultural imports.

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