Armenia - Agriculture

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, about 16% of Armenia's land was cultivated. As of 1998, there were an estimated 559,000 ha (1,381,000 acres) of arable cropland (20% of the total land area), of which 65,000 ha (2,161,000 acres) were planted with permanent crops. Agriculture engaged about 13.2% of the economically active population in 1999. That year, agricultural production was only 80% of what it had been during 1989–91.

Production for 1999 included vegetables and melons, 457,000 tons; potatoes, 425,000 tons; wheat, 220,000 tons; and grapes, 106,000 tons. In 1998, there were some 17,500 tractors and 2,500 harvester-threshers in service.

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