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Automatic telephone service was begun in 1967; in 1998, there were 32,946 main line and 14,117 mobile cellular phones. Postal and telegraph services are handled by the Spanish and French administrations; a telex system was installed in 1970.

Radio programming was broadcast over two private stations, Spanish-owned Radio Andorra and French-owned Sud-Radio, until their contracts expired in 1981. The government then established new stations, ORTA (public) and Radio Valira, operated by Andorrans and supervised by the General Council.

As of 1998, there were 15 FM radios stations. Andorra does not have its own television stations; television transmission is provided through technical accords with the Spanish and French government networks. In 1997 there were 16,000 radios and 27,000 television sets.

The two main daily papers are the independent publications of Diari D'Andorra ( Andorra Daily —2002 circulation 3,000) and El Peridico de Andorra . Poble Andorra is a major weekly publication with a circulation of about 3,000. Other newspapers, with smaller circulations, are the dailies Independent and Informacions Diari, and the weeklies Correu Andorra and Informacions. French and Spanish newspapers are also widely available.

As of 2000, there was only 1 Internet Service Provider with an estimated 24,500 Internet users in 2001.

The Andorran Constitution ensures freedom of speech and press, and the Government is said to respect these rights in practice.

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