Andorra - Labor

Total employment as of 2001 was estimated at 33,000, of which less than 1% was employed in the agriculture sector. The service industry accounted for 78% of the workforce, with industry providing jobs to 21%. There is virtually no unemployment in Andorra.

Under the constitution passed in 1993, workers were granted the right to form and maintain trade union associations without prejudice, but implementation has not been provided. Associations must register with the government, and in 2002, there were 600 such associations. However, no unions existed as of that year. It is unclear whether strikes are legal under the constitution. With no business regulation or registration requirements, smuggling goods between France and Spain is a leading source of informal employment.

There are government-mandated health and safety standards, which are regularly enforced with routine inspections. There is a government-set minimum wage, which was $3.65 per hour in 2002. The minimum working age is 18, with some exceptions allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to work. The workweek is limited to 40 hours, with an additional 66 hours per month of overtime allowed.

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