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By law, students must attend school until age 16. Education is provided by both French- and Spanish-language schools. The French government partially subsidizes education in Andorra's French-language schools; schools in the southern section, near Spain, are supported by the church. The local language, Catalan, has been introduced at a school under the control of the Roman Catholic Church. A total of 9,024 students attended the 18 schools in Andorra in 1991. In the 1990–91 academic year, 1,861 students were enrolled at infant schools, 5,584 at primary schools and 1,579 at secondary, technical, and special schools. In the 1990s, 95% of primary-school-age children were enrolled in school, while 47% of those eligible attended secondary school.

About 50% of Andorran children attend French primary schools, and the rest attend Spanish or Andorran school. In general, Andorran schools follow the Spanish curriculum, and their diplomas are recognized by Spain.

The University of Andorra was established in July 1997. It has a small enrollment and mostly offers long-distance courses through universities in Spain and France. The majority of secondary graduates who continue their education attend schools in France or Spain. Virtually the entire adult population is literate. Andorra also has a nursing school and a school of computer science.

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