Albania - Topography

Albania is predominantly mountainous, with 70% of the territory at elevations of more than 300 m (1,000 ft). The rest of the country consists of a coastal lowland and the lower reaches of river valleys opening onto the coastal plain. The Albanian mountains, representing a southern continuation of the Dinaric system, rise abruptly from the plains and are especially rugged along the country's borders. The highest peak, Mt. Korabit (2,751 m/9,026 ft) lies in eastern Albania on the Macedonian border. The most important rivers—the Drin, the Buna, the Mat, the Shkumbin, the Seman, and the Vijosë—empty into the Adriatic. Albania shares Lake Scutari ( Skadarsko Jezero ) with Serbia and Montenegro, Lake Ohrid ( Ohridsko Jezero ) with Macedonia, and Lake Prespë ( Prespansko Jezero) with Macedonia and Greece.

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