Albania - Animal husbandry

The major problem of Albanian animal husbandry has been a shortage of fodder. As a result, livestock numbers remained virtually constant or increased very slowly in the postwar decades. When central planning was abandoned, uncertain monetary and credit policies caused inflation to soar, which eroded export earnings. Albania, which had been a net exporter of food products, became heavily dependent on food aid. Sheep, originally the most important livestock, numbered 1.84 million in 1946 and 1.94 million in 1999. The estimated numbers of livestock for 1999 was sheep, 1.94 million; poultry, 4 million; goats, 1.12 million; cattle, 720,000; hogs, 81,000; and horses, 65,000. Estimates of livestock products in 1999 include 761,000 tons of cows' milk, 73,000 tons of sheep's milk, 73,000 tons of goats' milk, 34,000 tons of beef and veal, 5,000 tons of pork, 12,000 tons of mutton and lamb, and 20,000 tons of eggs.

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