Vietnam - Organizations

The principal mass organization is the Fatherland Front, which merged in January 1977 with the National Liberation Front and with the Vietnam Alliance of National, Democratic, and Peace Forces. The Fatherland Front draws up single slates of candidates in all elections and seeks to implement the political, economic, and social policies of the Communist Party. Other organizations that form part of the Fatherland Front are the Peasant Union, with some five million members; the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, with four million members; and the Vietnamese Women's Union, with 11.4 million members. Industrial and commercial enterprises are represented by the Chamber of Commerce of the SRV in Hanoi.

Many of the various types of organizations found in Western countries had existed in the RVN since the 1950s. Among them were the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, cooperatives, sports organizations, and various cultural, professional, and youth associations. Most of these bodies, however, were disbanded after 1975. There are several charitable organizations, primarily those representing aid from other countries or other major international organizations, such as the Red Cross.

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