Uzbekistan - Libraries and museums

The Alisher Navoi State Public Library of Uzbekistan in Tashkent holds 4.9 million volumes and is the largest library in the country. Also in the capital are Republic Library for Science and Technology (two million volumes), the library of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences (1.5 million), the Pedagogical Institute (808,000), Tashkent State University (2.46 million), and the Polytechnic Institute (808,000). Samarkand State University's library holds 1.6 million volumes, and the Pedagogical Institute Ulugbek in Fergana holds 295,000 volumes.

The State Art Museum, the Historical Museum, and the State Literary Museum are in Tashkent. The Museum of Culture and Art History is in Samarkand. There are local museums in Andizan, Buchara, Karsi, Namangan, and other cities.

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