Uzbekistan - Energy and power

Uzbekistan is one of the ten largest producers of natural gas in the world. In 2000, production totaled 56.3 billion cu m (1.99 trillion cu ft); proven reserves, in 12 major deposits, amounted to as much as 1.9 trillion cu m (67 trillion cu ft) at the start of 2002, located mainly in the western Qizilkum Desert.

At the beginning of 2002 Uzbekistan's proven oil reserves were estimated at 594 million barrels. Oil production in 1999 amounted to 213,000 barrels per day, mostly from the wells in the Fergana Valley. Since 1991, Uzbekistan has more than doubled its oil production to become essentially self-sufficient in petroleum and, since 1996, a net exporter of petroleum as well. Hydroelectric stations on the Syr Darya, Chirchiq, and Naryn rivers depend largely on Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for their power. In 2001, total installed electrical capacity was 11,711,000 kW. Production in 2000 came to 44,300 million kWh, of which 87% was from fossil fuels and 13% from hydropower. Consumption of electricity in 2000 was 41.9 billion kWh. Brown coal deposits at the head of the Angren Valley, southeast of Tashkent, are used for local electricity generation. About 3.2 million tons of coal were produced in 2000.

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