Turkey - Forestry

Forests, occupy 10,225,000 hectares (25,266,000 acres), or 13.3% of Turkey's total land area. State forests include almost all the forestland, while community or municipal forests and private forests are small. Care of state forests and all cutting therein are the responsibility of the directorate-general of forestry within the Ministry of Agriculture. The timber cut in 2000 yielded 17,767,000 cu m (627 million cu ft) of roundwood, with 41% used as fuel wood. Production of sawn wood in 2000 was 4,683,000 cu m (165.3 million cu ft); wood pulp 304,000 tons; particleboard, 1,650,000 cu m (58 million cu ft) and paper and paperboard, 1,566,000 tons.

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