Turkey - Animal husbandry

Turkey is heavily overgrazed. Many animals are used for transport and draft purposes as well as to supply meat and dairy products. The principal animals of commercial importance are mohair goats and sheep. The sheep wool is used mainly for blankets and carpets, and Turkey is a leading producer of mohair. Nevertheless, animal husbandry is generally poorly developed despite the great number of animals. In 2001 there were 28.5 million sheep, 10.7 million head of cattle, 7.2 million goats, and 258 million chickens. Production of wool was estimated at 40,900 tons in 2001. Other livestock products included cow's milk, 8.5 million tons; poultry meat, 631,000 tons; and hen eggs, 529,000 tons. Turkish apiculture produced some 60,190 tons of honey in 2001, fourth in the world.

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