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Encouragement of new industries was the goal of Tonga's six five-year plans (1966–2006). Industries include the manufacture of concrete blocks, metal products, woolen knitwear, leather goods, furniture, soft drinks, soap, sports equipment, yachts, and paint. Ten-meter (33-foot) epoxy-veneer molded yachts are produced by Marine Tonga, an Tongan-German joint venture. At the government-backed Small Industry Centre in Nuku'alofa the more advanced products are made including refrigerators, jewelry, bicycles, toys, furniture, wheelbarrows, mini-excavators, and other consumer goods are assembled for use locally and in neighboring countries. A small but growing construction sector is developing in response to the inflow of relief monies following Cyclone Waka, which hit during the last two days of 2001, and the need for construction services for hospitals, schools, wharves, etc. Long-established industries are coconut processing, sawmilling, and local handicrafts. Nuku'alofa is the only commercial and urban center. Industry accounts for just 10% of GDP and manufacturing about 8%.

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