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Thailand has a tropical climate. For much of the country there are three distinct seasons: the hot season, from March through May; the rainy or wet monsoon, June to October; and the cool season, November through February. While continental Thailand receives most of its precipitation from June through October, rain occurs at all seasons in peninsular Thailand, the largest amount along the west coast from May to October, and along the east coast from October to January. For most of Thailand the temperature rarely falls below 13° C (55° F ) or rises above 35° C (95° F ), with most places averaging between 24° C and 30° C (75° F and 86° F ). The annual rainfall ranges from 102 cm (40 in) in the northeast to over 380 cm (150 in) in the peninsula. Bangkok has an average annual temperature of 28° C (82° F ); monthly mean temperatures range from a low of around 25° C (77° F ) in December to a high of around 30° C (86° F ) in May, and annual rainfall is about 150 cm (59 in).

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