Thailand - Armed forces

The armed forces in Thailand consist of 306,000 active duty personnel and 200,000 reservists. The army numbered 190,000 personnel in 2002 and was equipped with 333 main battle tanks and 460 light tanks. The air force consisted of 48,000 personnel with 194 combat aircraft, plus transport, training, and helicopter rescue units. The navy had 68,000 personnel which included 18,000 marines, 7,000 coastal defense personnel, and 1,700 naval aviators. Naval equipment included one aircraft carrier, 12 frigates, and 88 patrol and coastal combatants. In addition, a volunteer defense corps of 50,000 was available for the maintenance of national security, along with other police forces for a total of approximately 113,000 paramilitary troops. In 2000 Thailand spent $1.78 billion on defense, or 1.4% of GDP.

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