Thailand - Animal husbandry

Cattle, used for plowing and harrowing, are important to rice farming, and most rural households have some cattle as well as hogs, chickens, and ducks. In 2001, Thailand had 4.6 million head of cattle, 1.5 million head of buffalo, 6.7 million hogs, and 43,000 sheep. Other livestock included 114 million chickens and 28 million ducks. Elephants, important as draft animals in rural areas, are used to haul teak. Crocodiles, raised for their skins, are a specialty livestock product. Leading exports of animals and animal products in 2000 included (in millions of dollars): meat and meat products, $986.2; dairy products and eggs, $95.8; live animals, $4.7; and hides and skins, $1.9.

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