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Some 482 km (298 mi) of railroads are in common carrier service (not including industrial lines) in Tajikistan. A 258-km (160 mi) line connects Dushanbe with Termez, Uzbekistan, and ultimately with the other rail systems of the former Soviet Union.

In 2002, there were some 29,900 km (18,580 mi) of roadways, of which 21,400 km (13,298 mi) were hard-surfaced. The major roads connect Khudzhand in the north to Kulyab in the south via Dushanbe. Only one main road services the eastern Gorno-Badakhshanskaya region, meandering from Khrough to Kyrgyzstan. Transportation in urban areas has suffered in recent years, primarily because supplies of gasoline from Russia have become unreliable. Roads connecting residential suburban areas with cities are not designed to handle large volumes of commuter traffic. Dushanbe has a system of electric trolleys and gas powered buses, but operation has been erratic due to a lack of spare parts and fuel.

Tajikistan had 53 airports at last estimate, of which 2 had paved runways. In 2001, the country's airlines carried 274,100 passengers on scheduled domestic and international flights.

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