Tajikistan - Organizations

The Tajikistan Chamber of Commerce and the Tajikistan Industrial Association are important economic organizations. The most important mass movement in the country is the People's Front. The members of the Writers Union and intellectuals in the country formed the "Rascokbez" (Rebirth) Popular Front, an opposition movement opposed to the government of Tajikistan.

Tajikistan's Academy of Science coordinates and finances the scientific research of 19 affiliated natural sciences, social sciences, and humanity research institutions The Ali Somon Foundation, established in 1994, works to promote economic development and modernization while preserving national culture.

Youth organizations include scouting groups; the Aurora Children and Teenagers' Club, focusing on social and educational development programs; and the Tajikistan Youth Center, focusing on vocational training programs. The Women for Progress Association and the Association for Women and Society promote health, education, and equality for women. The Red Crescent Society is active.

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