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T'aipei is the chief tourist attraction, with such popular sites as the seat of government in Presidential Square, Lungshan Temple, and the nearby National Palace Museum and famous Yangmingshan Park. Attractions outside the capital include Shihmen Dam recreation area, Lake Tzuhu, and the mausoleum of Chiang Kai-shek. The many temples and Dutch relics of T'ainan, Taiwan's oldest city, and Sun Moon Lake near T'aichung also attract numerous visitors. The national sports are baseball, soccer, and basketball.

In 2000, tourist arrivals totaled 2,624,037, of whom 65% were from East Asia and the Pacific. Tourism receipts totaled US $3.7 billion. Hotel construction has boomed as a result of government investment. In 2000, there were 19,928 rooms. Visitors need a valid passport and tourist visa good for two weeks to 60 days.

In 2002, the US State Department estimated that the daily expense for a stay in T'aipei was US $232.

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